About Mativ Craft



My name is Ivna. I am a professionally trained owner of a fine craft workshop called MATIV, set up back in 2007 for designing and handweaving fabrics, scarves and pashminas. To date, I have produced hundreds and hundreds of exquisite scarves and fabrics. Some of them also for local fashion designers. Each scarf or pashmina made in my workshop is an absolutely unique work of art, recognised and licenced by the Croatian chamber of trades and crafts. Handweaving on a wooden loom is my supportive contribution to the old craft of building traditional wooden looms, and each handwoven product beautifully showcases the time, effort, talent and skill that went into its creation.

About Mativ scarves


Mativ scarves combine traditional weaving techniques with modern colours and patterns. The pleasure they give to those who wear them is a stimulating encouragement for my future work. I am sure the elegance and warmth of your new Mativ scarf will be unforgettable, so now it’s up to you to find your perfect Mativ scarf!

You said…


Ka – Vienna

 Most beautiful scarf I’ve ever owned. One can see and feel that it’s made with love. Thank you!

Sofia – London

I just received the scarf I ordered and it is more beautiful than I imagined!!! Such beautiful work, wonderful communication and lovely packaging!!! @instagram

Jen – UK

I love your scarfs, they are beautiful. I love wearing them, so many ways to wear them. I just had to say your work is amazing 🙂 @instagram

Guest buyer – Germany

Very nice saleswoman, beautiful scarf, well packaged and shipped quickly. Always my pleasure! @palundu.de

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